“I will never forget the moment when I saw this fairyland…
I stopped as if my feet had taken root.”

Károly Eötvös


Casually elegant, understandably contemporary, classically Hungarian, romantically intimate. Fine but not dining, it is bistro. All this together is Tihanyi Vinarius, and much more. The view of the Inner – Lake, the vineyard, the basalt, and the limestone that is the backdrop, is just the beginning. The real surprise is the peace and quiet, even though it is only a few minutes from the centre of Tihany.

Here you’ll find a 200-year-old press house and cellar, where the wines of the Benedictine Abbey used to be made and rested for many years. But it is the past! Now the press house is a restaurant and a show kitchen, and the cellar is an event room. There you can also see the wine cellar, with the inside of the hill as it was formed by the last axe blow in 1822. There are still 5,000 bottles of Somlói Juhfark sleeping here behind the carved barrel bottom, from the last total solar eclipse. They won’t wake until the next one.

Of course, there’s plenty of wine for those who can’t wait until then. Among them, many bottles around the Balaton from smaller wineries. Folly, Guden Kisbirtok, Tánczos, Szászi, Szabó and Son, Bökő Dávid are just a few of the local wineries on the wine list.

The food selection is refined and varied. Classic Hungarian and international dishes, homemade desserts, and a wide range of specialities. All dishes are the fruit of the collaboration between Executive Chef Imre Vadász and Head Chef Dávid Horváth. In this kitchen they even use the secret spice called passion.


Spending time here, enjoying the food, the wine, sitting on the terrace and listening to the silence is an experience that makes you say, “We’ve seen it all on the North Shore.”

“Every wine is social and truly reveals its essence when enjoyed in the company of others.”
Béla Hamvas


The perfect event venue!

Close to the center of Tihany and the Abbey, but still far from the hustle and bustle of excursionists, we offer the possibility to organize events. Whether it is a family event, a gathering of friends, a birthday party, a corporate event, we are at your disposal with high quality services and package offers. Free parking is available in our restaurant for you and your guests. Trust in our decades of professional experience and choose us for the complete realization of your event.

Company events

Every company eventually comes to a moment when there is an opportunity for collective celebration or relaxation. Such shared experiences provide long-term strength for continued teamwork. Our restaurant gladly welcomes companies, whether it's for lunch, dinner, or a full-day team-building excursion. Our cellar, capable of accommodating up to 150 people, offers an elegant and authentic setting for your events

Family Events

Family is the most important thing for everyone. When it comes to celebrating together, we do everything possible to provide the best and most beautiful experience for our loved ones. With its stunning exterior and interior locations, Tihanyi Vinarius ensures a worthy environment for celebrations. During the summer season, our terrace is available, and from autumn to spring, depending on the number of guests, we welcome you in either the wine house or our cellar

Wine tasting

Back in 1822, the building opened its doors as the cellar of the Benedictine Abbey. Over the course of nearly two centuries, wine has been a constant presence in the life of Vinarius, and that remains true to this day. The presence of wine can be felt from the moment of arrival, as vineyards surround the restaurant. Stepping into the wine house and then into the cellar further intensifies the feeling. Barrels, wine bottles, and a wine vault await the guests, creating a truly immersive wine experience.



40-45 person
(several layouts are possible)


100 – 150 person
(round and table layouts are also possible)

Panorama Terrace

120 person
(several layouts can be implemented upon request)

Whether it’s a special family event, a gathering of friends, a birthday celebration, a wedding, a corporate event, or even a team-building training, we will take the burden of organizing and preparing off your shoulders. Trust our years of event planning expertise and choose us for the full realization of your event.

They said about us

Csilla Major
Csilla Major
Csodálatos helyszín, csodálatos borok és ételek, és nagyon kedvesek a felszolgálók☺️ szívből ajánlom.
Katalin Simon
Katalin Simon
Michelin csillag? Igen! Gratulálok! A tihanyi Vinárius étterem csodálatos természeti környezetben, a régi értékek megőrzésével és az újdonságok remek arányú, ízléses ötvözetével kulináris és esztétikai élményt nyújt. A vidám hangulatú, kedves és rendkívül figyelmes személyzet, az ételekkel kapcsolatos kérdésekre sokrétű felvilágosítást adott. A hagyományos finomságok és különlegességek élvezetes ízeit szívből ajánlom!
Natali Panda
Natali Panda
Place is incredible by all means: very tasty food, nice and attentive waitress, clean, amazing view and vibe! Definitely recommend ♥️
Excellent restaurant! We were very impressed by the service and and quality of the dishes and presentation! Highly recommended
Attila Hary
Attila Hary
Szuper hely
Mathe Stucco
Mathe Stucco
Beautiful place, unbelievable food varieties, excellent service, great experience, very friendly staff, gorgeous even the bathrooms! Overall a wonderful and memorable experience! Definitely coming back and telling to all my friends to come and enjoy!
Balázs Orosz
Balázs Orosz
Köszönjük szépen a tökéletes vendéglátást! Az étel nagyon finom és különleges. A kiszolgálás kedves, figyelmes és maximális kielégítő volt!





We offer diverse programs throughout the year. For up-to-date information, please visit our Facebook page.

Kedves Vendégeink!

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Csütörtök:    11:00 – 21:30

Péntek:         11:00 – 21:30

Szombat:     11:00 – 21:30

Vasárnap:     11:00 – 21:30


A Tihanyi Vinarius csapata

Dear Guests!

Our restaurant is open on the following days:

Thursday:         11:00 – 21:30

Friday:              11:00 – 21:30

Saturday:         11:00 – 21:30

Sunday:            11:00 – 21:30

Yours sincerely!

The Tihanyi Vinarius Team